Journey to my BFP through Faith

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen"

My 3 Things for 6/29/2012…and SUGAR!

Today I am thankful for…

1) TriMan tidied up the house a bit today (his Man-Cave) since he took a week “stay-cation” to take care of some things around the house. 🙂  Today was his first day off!  ((((I will be making him a honey-do list for when I am at work next week!!!  We have a big 4th of July party on Wednesday so there are lots to do around here!!!))))

2) Spending time with my family tonight! ❤

3) Christian Music. I love listening to uplifting songs! It feeds my soul! 🙂



So today I think I consumed over 100grams of sugar, which is not typical. ::: SIGH ::: It all started when I had Thai Food for lunch.  I forgot and ordered it spicy. (I can’t eat spicy in public because I turn red, but I LOVE SPICY Food in Private! LOL).  So I bought a drink.  The only non-caffeinated drink they had besides water was Orange Crush.  So I took that. OMG Turns out one serving is 71 grams of sugar! What-The!!!!!!!!  If I knew that I wouldn’t have had 1.5 servings. Whoops!!!!! And then I ended up having some more sugar later……Pistachio Gelato in my freezer….  So I downed a glass of beet juice an hour ago…  so I could feel less guilty for what I’ve done today.  I barely ate dinner and now I am starving. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I should just force myself to go to sleep. (and dream of food! lol)  I think a detox is needed…..after tomorrow’s potluck I am going to…… 😛

I hope everyone has a great weekend!




My 3 Things…For Yesterday? and Today…

Since I have been pretty sensitive lately, I have been having little anxiety attacks about everything. THIS IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL!!!!  I am freaking out about what is going to happen because of this and that……TriMan has been trying to calm me down and I think he has had enough.  I wonder if subconsciously I am filling my mind with all this random stuff and obsessing over them because I am trying to not think about this IVF process…Staring at that IVF calendar feels so unreal at the moment and scary to me that I don’t want to think about it.

So I didn’t stop and smell the roses yesterday.  😦  I don’t even want to think about yesterday or what has happened earlier today because it was stressful to me…but I need to reflect…..

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{  Deep Breath }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

**** Thinking Positive ****

For yesterday (6/27/2012)…

1) We took it easy yesterday evening and TriMan gave me an upper back/neck massage before I went to bed.  We have a professional massage table in our Master bedroom… LOL neither one of us have gone to school for it, but TriMan bought the table for me for Christmas.  During high training season, TriMan gets to enjoy that table quite a bit. 😉  So that was the highlight of my day. 🙂

2) Oh and I got to meet a few people in the leadership program.  They all seem very nice.

3) I harvested some edible flowers in my garden to share with a friend. It is always nice to be able to go out there and listen to the birds chirp.


What I am thankful for today (06/28/2012)…

1) Being able to get my Lupron!

2) My favorite aunt who sent me a text in the middle of the day with “@}-‘,—–“.  She’s so sweet.  I love her so much! 

3) My Mom for listening to my medical stories one after the other today while she was busy at work.  She is so supportive and loving.  I love her dearly!  Just thinking about how much I love her gets me teary eyed.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother!


Thanks all for listening to me… It’s going to be a fun night tomorrow.  All the ladies in my family are getting together for a “Girl’s Night”.  We are going to go watch Magic Mike!  lol  One of my other aunts wanted to go watch Chip and Dale’s in 3D instead! OH MY……  for the record I am not into this stuff.  I am going because I love spending time with my family.  Seriously, we are really not wild… 😛



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Lupron, Lupron, where are you Lupron?!

The last couple of days have been stressful due to a combination of the things.  Today was a bit crazier because I wasn’t sure if I would get my Lupron in time!

It has been a week and I was supposed to get a call from the Pharmacy who are supposed to ship me the Lupron, which I am supposed to start on Monday 7/2/2012.  I called the RE and she said to call the Pharmacy because she already faxed over everything.  I called the Pharmacy this morning they said oh yeah we’ll send it to you in time, but we need to send the order to the pharmacist…. (suspicious).  I had to leave work to go get the Fertility bloodwork done and decided to give the Pharmacy a call again…(because I am paranoid like that)….  I called and they said “Sorry we are out of stock on Lupron, your RE needs to find you a different pharmacy. Oh and by the way, you have the wrong pharmacy with your health insurance.”  What the heck!? Ahhhhh Tomorrow’s Friday! I need it shipped ASAP and don’t have time to figure this stuff out on my own.  Called the RE office and the lady I worked with is out for the rest of the day.  I told them I will go there and figure this out with them after my other appt!  So I stopped by there and they have no idea what is up with the insurance and pharmacy.  They called a local specialty shop that had the lupron and I was able to pick up the 2 week kit for $15 co-pay.  The RE will figure out the Gonal-F and Menopur later with the insurance! 

So thank goodness I have my Lupron!!!!!




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3 Things for 6/26/2012

Today I am thankful for….

1) God’s love for me.  He is an AMAZING GOD!

2) I have been selected to be in a fast-track leadership program at work! I seriously lost sleep over this a couple of months ago after the interview and was sure I didn’t get in.  I still can’t believe I got it!

3) Nice celebration dinner with TriMan at our favorite pizza place. 🙂




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3 Things for 6/25/2012

Today I am thankful for…

1) A good night’s sleep. I felt really nauesous all weekend and would toss and turn at night. I read the Birth Control side effects and it turns out I had a couple of the symptoms. Or it was just a bug because I found out a few other ladies had similar symptoms. :-S

2) All the TTC Ladies on the BabyandBump webpage for sharing their stories.

3) I have been really emotional due to the BCP.  I cried and cried last night.  I am thankful for my husband.  He held me as I cried…




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3 Things for 6/24/2012

Today I am thankful for…

1) Spending time with TriMan this morning.  Hubby made Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes and eggs for us while I made candied pecans to top our breakfast oatmeal this week.

2) Spending time with my sister today and learning how to decorate cakes at our local craft store!

3) Spending time with my mom while we waited to get a massage at the local massage school!


Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!




My 3 things for 6/23/2012

Today I am thankful for…

1) Being able to sleep in until 7:30am…

2) My dogs! The first thing I did after eating breakfast this morning was made them homemade chicken jerky!  The chicken strips are all still in the dehydrator right now, but I can’t wait to see them wag their cute little tails for them!

3) Signed all our Refinance Closing documents today! Went from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan and saving so much in interest!  The process took us only 2 weeks! One less thing to think about during our IVF Process!!!


Hope everyone is having a Happy Saturday!



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My 3 things for 6/22/2012

Today I am thankful for….

1) Chik-fil-a taking my lunch order at 8am.  I ordered breakfast and lunch!!! I had to take care of submitting some final  documents for our mortgage refi this morning so was going to work through lunch to make up some time.  I ended up working longer hours than usual anyways!  But it was a good productive day at work!!!  I was also able to schedule my family doctor appt. for next week to get some of the IVF bloodwork done!

2) I got to work and found a note from my co-worker/friend on my monitor.  He left me a sample of Chipotle Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork in the fridge that his significant other made! Went perfect with the cole slaw I got at Chik-fil-a! LOL

3) My husband’s co-worker/friend/triathlon buddy got the results back from his CT-Scan today.  All is good! His wife and kids are super happy! And so are we for them! :-D

Hope everyone had a great day!!!



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About Me & TriMan

TriMan (Hubby is addicted to Triathlons) and I got married July 27th, 2007 and have been on this TTC Journey since August 2009. TriMan is 30 yrs old and I am 29 yrs old.

October 2009: Chemical Pregnancy.  My cycles have always been 27/28 days.  I had implantation spotting on 12dpo and I felt dizzy all the time.  I didn’t test at all because TriMan didn’t want me to (I was young and stupid!).  If I tested and went to the doctor, I would have found out that I had high prolactin which causes miscarriages and very low progesterone. 😦  Anyway day 36 came around and I just had the worst pain and AF came, bleeding and clotting.  I went to an OBGYN and they said, oh maybe a cyst ruptured.  Come back in two weeks for an U/S.  Nothing wrong with left ovary, no masses and no cysts.  Right ovary was hiding.

>>>> Fast Forward a bit >>>>

August 2010: I went to a different OBGYN that my friend referred me to.  They did a blood test and my prolactin level was high.  I got the results over the phone and the doctor said, we think you may have a tumor in your head. What-THE!!!!! Meanwhile, TriMan finally agreed to go get his Semen Analysis done.  We waited because he wanted to graduate from his MBA before getting “serious” about TTC.  Turns out he has low sperm count and needed a varicocele surgery…

September 2010: TriMan had his surgery, it was a success!  And then a week later…I was confirmed with a Pituitary microadenoma – Hyperprolactinemia through MRI.  I started taking Bromocriptine 2.5mg.

>>>> Fast Forward a bit >>>>

March 2011: Hubby’s semen analysis looks good, he was released from the urologist’s care and even said we didn’t need IUI to get pregnant!  My prolactin level is controlled.

April 2011: I got a 2nd opinion through Best Doctors Program and they believe the diagnosis for the pituitary tumor is correct and said to go take Clomid and possibly IUI!

May 2011: Went in to an RE for a Biological Clock Testing and U/S.  OMG found a complex cyst measuring 5.2cm x 4.7 cm on left ovary.  Everything else looks “excellent” bloodwork wise.  He also performed an Antral Follicle Count (he quickly counted ~11 to 13, but he got lazy and stopped counting because of the big cyst…TriMan claims he counted like 16.  Anyways I wonder if this means that many will grow for my IVF cycle coming up…eeek!!! They said they will not overstimulate me due to my “low” BMI.)  I then did tons of research to see how I could get rid of this thing…and so this is when I started eating more organic foods, taking ginger, turmeric, & other vitamins, and reducing my gluten (reduce heart burn) in-take.

>>>Fast Forward >>> (played the wait and see game with OBGYN because RE wouldn’t treat me.  Cyst slowly decreased in size and other functional cysts would pop up once it a while… ugh!!!  And finally I found the solution to prevent new ones from popping up in my U/S!  (Seriously, beet juice!)

September 2011: Came back from a 2 week trip in Europe and got a message that my prolactin level spiked… medication doubled to 5mg!

October 2011: Good news this month is TriMan signed me up for his company insurance since they offer a lifetime $25k benefit for infertility treatment! My company’s insurance offers only diagnostic testing. Still not sure why we didn’t switch me over sooner…apparently we were not aggressive enough.

November 2011:  A close by RE Office offered a free seminar and chance to “Win a Baby!!!” LOL There was going to be a drawing for a free IVF cycle.  TriMan agreed to go.  He spotted a male co-worker there! :-X  Anyways, we didn’t win any of the drawings but that is ok.  We really were there just to learn.  I also signed up for a consultation with one of the RE at a discount.  I figured we get a head start and know what the game plan is before the insurance kicks in!!!

December 2011: Met with RE.  One of the first questions she asked was, “Who would you like as your OB when we release you for their care?”  I felt so hopeful here!  I made powerpoints with details about my medical history and the RE read through it all and was very positive about our future!  Anyways, went on Birth Control because RE wanted to see with her own eyes that the cyst was reducing in size.  HSG showed left tube “golden” and right tube blocked…no explanation. 😦

December 2011/January 2012: CD 3-7 5mg Femara + Ovidrel… 4 mature follicles. BFN  Then Hubby was in Colorado on business so missed a cycle…BFN

February 2012: CD 3-7 5mg Femara + Ovidrel…3 mature follicles BFN

March 2012: CD 3-7 5mg Femara + Ovidrel… 2 mature follicles. BFN

April 2012: CD 3-7 5mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI… 2 mature follicle BFN.  Mayan Abdominal Massage.  Met with family doctor and was told “Why haven’t you don’t IVF yet?!”

May 2012: Omg they found some action going on with right ovary but all super tiny… This guy hasn’t been doing anything since I’ve started U/S in 2009.  (So this is hopeful for IVF to have both ovaries working!) CD 3-7 5mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI… 1 mature follicle BFN.   RE Doctor said sorry she believes I truly have endometriosis since this chocolate cyst and just won’t go away without surgery (size 3.5cm x 3.5cm).  We were given the option of surgery or IVF to bypass the issue.  We decided we wanted to give IUI one more chance (TriMan’s request).  Started Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  Mayan Abdominal Massages.

June 2012: Increased Femara: CD 3-7 7mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI… 1 mature follicle. Got the BFN results 6/14, but I knew in advance because the Angry-PMS symptoms arrived early so I stopped my progesterone cream. Called RE office and told them we are doing IVF! Had my period start on 6/15, did one last acupuncture on 6/16 to clean my system before IVF Pre/Post Transfer!  I started my first dose of Birth Control 6/18.  We met with the IVF coordinator 6/20 and she expects the egg retrival to be July 23rd (+/- 2 days).  Transfer is on day 4 post retrieval  and if she is correct July 27th will be the transfer date!!! Which is our 5th Wedding Anniversary date!!!  What a way to celebrate it!!!  🙂

Ok, it’s past my bed-time.  I may be missing some details, but this pretty much summarizes our journey so far.

Good night and sweet dreams all!



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My 3 things for 6/21/2012

Today I am thankful for….

1) The strawberries that grew in my garden.  Yogurt, organic ground flax seed, organic grapes, organic blueberries, and homegrown organic strawberries!!!  [I read that I need to eat a lot of fiber because after the egg retrieval some woman claim that they have potty problems and need fiber!!! :-X ]

2) I was going through my notebook this morning and $10 fell out!  I forgot that was in there from 6 months ago! LOL Just thought it was funny!

3) Flip flops! After a long day of work, I slipped on my flip flops and sneaked out of work so no one would see me in them!  It takes me 15 minutes to walk to my car! (I try to dress professional at work so it would be embarrassing to be caught in flip-flops) I LOVE MY FLIP-FLOPS!!!!!!!

4) Yes, a fourth one! I love the feeling of the sun on my skin as I walked out of work.  It’s freezing in the buildings!!! I am thankful for the warmth of the sun. 😀

Hope everyone had a great day!!!


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