Journey to my BFP through Faith

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen"

Transfer of Care

on October 28, 2012

As you know I was in ER on Monday and pregnancy test was negative.  I called the RE and the nurse insisted I come the next day for my beta.  I explained to the nurse what I went through in ER and she said she would let my IVF coordinator and doctor know.  On Tuesday the IVF coordinator called and “acted” really sad for me that it was negative.  I told her I already knew and I told the nurse yesterday…she was surprised…. :: Sigh:: I was not happy the news did not get communicated to her when I was told they would let her know.  Maybe because I am an engineer or something, but my attitude is if it doesn’t work, move on! I don’t want a doctor/anyone to give me sympathy.  I want answers and solutions to move forward.  So I was also really agitated and when I told her I needed to see the RE asap and she tried to schedule me for sometime in November.  I needed antibiotics, but ER wouldn’t write the prescription because they were afraid that it would interfere with my IVF process.  She apologized and said there were no openings sooner.  So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask for a transfer of care to a different RE within the practice.  We were able to meet with him on Thursday.  (Btw, I went to a family doctor Wednesday.  They prescribed motion sickness meds for inner ear unbalances and amoxicillion for my possible sinus infection.)

Thursday morning we met with the other RE…they called it the “Second Opinion” Appt.  He immediately suggested a different approach to the IVF process and suggested I get a hysteroscopy, where they put me under and put a scope in me and carve 4 lines in my uterine lining to improve chances of implantation…. He also gave me a different med to treat my high prolactin that has no yucky side effects like bromocriptine!  He wants me to go on lovenex before/after transfer and take very small dose of prednisone post transfer until beta….  TriMan told him that we had a good embryo going into FET #1, but he believes the RE that did the transfer failed and took an hour long.  The New RE was surprised and said maybe it was because my bladder wasn’t full enough…. Thank goodness I brought my U/S photos.  I showed him and his eyes got huge when he saw how big my bladder was!!!!!!  He also immediately wrote down that he needs to use a 45 degree instrument to do the transfer because he could see the shape of my uterus.  He said he always has backup equipment for these situation……(why didn’t the other RE used that!?)  We completed our ‘consultation’ and said we will call his nurse/IVF Coordinator (different lady) if we decide to go with him.  Well, it didn’t take us long…we waited in the waiting area for a nurse to print my new prescription and both decided to go with this RE and let them know.  They said ok and just to call back when I started my period.  Well, I got home …I got my period!!!!!!!!!  Thank goodness I am like a clock! I get my period 3 days after I stop PIO shots and 1.5 days to get my period when I am on progesterone cream only and stop.  So that evening I got a call from my *new* IVF Coordinator/Nurse and we scheduled my transfer for December.  She had to call my insurance to confirm they will pay for the hysteroscopy before she could set the date.  She called me yesterday and said the first opening is Nov 5th! OMG that date is just around the corner!  I haven’t committed to a date yet, but wow… things are moving fast.  I hope I am making the right decisions.  Hysteroscopy is done when there has been multiple failed IVFs, but there is always a risk with surgery.  I am going to pray about it before I make a decision.



4 responses to “Transfer of Care

  1. trufflelove says:

    that sounds so great! i’m so glad you went an got a second opinion. There was a time when I was discouraged and thought of doing that, but never went through with it because it felt like a hassle, but it’s great that you did!! This RE sounds great!

  2. LisaB says:

    Wow!! That sounds sooo promising!! I’m excited for your new plan! I need to get my uterus carved, too lol. That is so interesting. I’ll have to ask about it.

  3. sams says:

    Sounds like you are getting back on the right track. Good for you for making the switch. That can be a really difficult decision and it sounds like you handled it well.

  4. trufflelove says:

    btw- i nominated you for the liebster awrad faith!

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